With XX years of association support, XX events managed, and providing unique technology to meet industry demands for dozens of clients over the years, we couldn’t wait to bring this idea to fruition for you!

After working together for six years through a common HR client, our group of four women met for Happy Hour late in December 2022 to discuss a need we noticed in the association world. Through our long history of working with chapters and associations and we saw the demand for something unique to assist volunteer leaders in providing ROI for their members while also earning non-dues revenue for their chapter. We noticed those things because we needed them ourselves in our own client work!

That initial meeting launched a series of lunches, dinners, and happy hours over the course of 8 months of careful planning to bring you this Conference in a Box.


What's Most Important?

The only thing that really matters is that we have been in your shoes (and still are) in striving to meet the needs of our membership. That’s why we set out to dream, create, build, and share this labor of HR love! It’s our care package to you, tied up with a done-for-you bow.

We may not have any fancy delivery vehicles, but we do have passion for a box full of education and revenue, that’s loaded with opportunity – for you. All you must do is unwrap it!

We are association leaders, operations experts, marketing gurus, and technology wizards with a combined 135 number of years serving the Human Resources and Association space.

Clients We Support

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